3 Sentences, Post 1: Marketing

May 26, 2008


This is the first post of a new concept of posts I’m about to start writing once a week involving only three sentences per post. The question is, if Confucius had a blog, is this how he’d do it?

If a sentence sparks an idea or question, feel free to comment.

  1. It takes three times as much money to acquire a new customer as it does to keep an existing one.
  2. Don’t spend more money marketing your product or service than you expect to make back at some point.
  3. Figure out who your niche customers are and set off a trigger in them that gets them to relate and want to hear you.

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2 Responses to “3 Sentences, Post 1: Marketing”

  1. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Confucius says, don’t leave comments when you’re tired. Get rest and come back when you’re refreshed.

    Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..NBOTW Teaches Simplicity


  2. John Hoff Says:

    We accept fragmented comments LOL – just expect a fragmented reply!


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