3 Resources I Use to Get High Quality Backlinks

by John Hoff on November 15, 2010

Google Page Rank

Not too long ago I wrote a couple articles to help you learn how to really use SEO and help get your site pushed up in the Google rankings (see the following 2 links below).

No, I’m not an SEO guru, just a guy who knows what he needs to do to get his pages and websites ranked… and it typically always starts with proper planning and research. Then from there you can go out and find the tools to help your SEO efforts.

PageRank and Backlinks

Okay great, so I’ve written a couple articles on planning and tools you can use in your SEO efforts, but what about implementation?

Let’s talk about PageRank for a moment.

Everyone who’s been online and blogging for awhile knows that backlinks are good, that is, links from other websites which point to your site. The more on topic the linked from website is (and article), the better “quality” the link is in Google’s eyes (watch the video below if you’re new to this).

Some people say PageRank isn’t that important and what is important is the content on your blog.

Well yes, the content is vitally important, but ask anyone who makes a decent amount of money online and I bet they’ll tell you one of the most important things to have is traffic to your website.

So for me–as a person trying to make money with various websites, traffic is vitally important. I mean hey, I could write all the great content in the world, but if nobody ever finds my site what good is it?

If you want to rank well in Google, you need to focus some of, if not most, your efforts on building traffic. And most of that traffic will come from good quality backlinking.

Process at Building Profitable Websites at a Glance

As a side note, here’s how I look at building a site.

  1. Research the niche
  2. Examine my competition
  3. Find a product or service to offer
  4. Build a site which fulfills a need
  5. Drive some traffic to it (but don’t work too hard at that just yet)
  6. Tweak the site so it makes money
  7. Build more traffic
  8. Repeat #7
  9. Repeat #8

3 Resources I Use for Backlinking

So since one of the most important things to building a profitable website or blog is to drive traffic to it, watch the video below to learn 3 resources I use.

This technique is known as article marketing and it’s a great place to start to build quality backlinks.

Watch the video below and I’ll give you an inside look at which sites I use and how I put it all together.

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