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What? You want to know a little something about me? Cool!

So let me see if I can bullet point my life for you…

Location & Education

We’ll get the boring stuff out of the way first. I live with my family in sunny Las Vegas, NV USA. Although I’ve lived here most my life, I’m originally from Huntington Beach, California (i.e. Surf City). I love the beach and though I’m not a great surfer, I love to surf. I think by law you have to like surfing if you’re from Huntington Beach ;)

University of Nevada Las VegasAfter graduating high school I went on and spent 6 years at the University of Las Vegas Nevada finally graduating with dual degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics; I know, how fun. I think I took nearly every course offered there being that I took a full load of courses every semester (including summer sessions).

My biggest education, however, has been through life experience.

My Sites and Internet Marketing

Blog Training Classroom

Over the years I’ve learned a ton about WordPress, blogging, search engine optimization, and of course… making money online.

I’ve taken those years of knowledge and put them into a membership site, Blog Training Classroom (BTC), which showcases a ton of video tutorials. The site is not only about starting a blog, it’s about becoming a better blogger and learning a few inside secrets you may not already know about.

WordPress Defender

Years ago my wife’s WordPress e-commerce site got hacked. It was a nightmare trying to figure out how to clean the site up and secure it against intruders down the road.

During that time, I set out on a mission to learn how I could secure my WordPress sites against hackers.

This lead me to publishing an ebook on my findings. It’s called…

WordPress Defender: 30 Ways to Secure Your Blog from Attack Anyone Can Do

Click over and watch the awesome video I made.

Nevada Incorporations Center

Years ago I use to dabble a little in real estate investing (see below). Any real estate investor will tell you one must protect their assets and setting up a good business structure is important.

As it turned out, my mother and uncle incorporated businesses and during that time I learned a lot from them. It only made sense then to build a Nevada Incorporations website. Here’s a useful article I wrote on types of business structures.

Niche Sites

I have a number of other niche sites which, well… I tend to keep secret, unless of course you’re on my list where I frequently talk about strategies I use to rank sites and earn a profit from them.

Privacy Assured. I will never give out your email.

Getting Down & Personal

Joys In Life

One of my biggest joys in life is seeing people making personal breakthroughs. We all have bumps in this journey we call life and if I can be a part of or witness someone putting the smack down on their life’s road blocks, I’m overcome with joy and feel like running through the streets naked! Well, ok, maybe not naked.

I’m a huge family guy. To me, nothing is more important than family. I have two three little boys and a wonderful wife who I wish I could give more than the world to. Years ago I went through a period of depression and I can honestly say I’ve beat those vicious thoughts thanks solely to my good family life.

Traveling is also a big joy in my life. I’ve been to many parts of the world and have much more to see. My family history come from Germany and Italy, so those are places dear to my heart.

Things Most People Online Don’t Know About Me

- Flipping Houses –

I use to flip houses and loved it. But then there came a time when I had to make a choice… do I do the Internet thing or keep doing the flipping thing?

To me, finding the worst house in the best neighborhood and transforming it into the best house in the best neighborhood is totally cool! -yes I said “totally cool”, remember I’m from Surf City.

– 5 Star Dining –

I use to be a 5 star dining food trainer/server, so if you ever need to know how to properly set a table and serve food and beverage, you know who to ask.

– I Love Astronomy –

Part of the reason it took me 6 years to graduate college was due to the fact I changed my major. I love astronomy and looking up into the heavens. For awhile, I considered majoring in Astrophysics; however, I found many parts of physics to be quite boring, so I stuck with Computer Science instead (oh yeah, right, so much more fun lol).

– I’m a Christian –

Because BTC is a business and my blog is attached to it, I typically don’t talk much about my religion. Plus I completely respect other people’s religion and don’t really feel this is the forum to push such a subject.

How To Contact Me

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Privacy Assured. I will never give out your email.

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