About OptimizePress and Getting Help

by John Hoff on July 11, 2012

This is the last page in our 4-page review of OptimizePress.

In this series we’ve looked at things like:

  • what it’s used for
  • types of landing pages you can create
  • using it as a membership portal
  • marketing funnels
  • add on software
  • video overviews and examples

… and a lot more.

So let’s finish up this series with who created OptimizePress, how much it costs, where to get it, and so on.

Who Created OptimizePress?

It was created by a gentleman from the U.K. named James Dyson. Other than telling you he’s a young entrepreneur and successful Internet marketer, I’ll leave it at that and let you go read his about page for more information.

Is It Free or Does It Cost Money?

It cost money. As of the time this article was written, it costs $97.

Where Can You Find Help?

There are lots of places you can find help should you run into problems with its installation, customization, and/or maintenance.

If it’s a specific theme problem like installation issues or template related problem, then you’ll find tons of training videos and tutorials in the OptimizePress members area. They also have support through email but are very strict (as far as I know) with making sure it’s an OptimizePress related issue only (makes sense to me).

If you’re having other issues, you can always post in the WordPress Support Forums or any other WordPress related forum and ask your question there.

There’s also lots of WordPress gurus out there who would be more than happy to accept payment in exchange for their professional services.

Where You Can Buy It

From OptimizePress.com of course (<-- using my affiliate link).

If you followed through in this series from start to finish, as opposed to landing on this page here from a search engine, then I hope you found my short series on this wonderful theme insightful and useful.

And I’d like to give a personal thank you out to James Dyson for creating an awesome theme.

Table of Contents for this Series

Page 1: OptimizePress: What is It, What it Does, and Examples
Page 2: OptimizePress Templates and Marketing Funnels
Page 3: Using OptimizePress for Membership Sites
Page 4: About OptimizePress and Getting Help

Buy OptimizePress Here: OptimizePress.com

Note the link above is an affiliate link.

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