A Blog Hosting and Training Site that Invests in You Personally

You came to check us out? Awesome.

Let’s see if I can sum up the purpose of this website and what it can provide you with…

Blog Training Classroom believes that everyone deserves the right to get a proper education. The problem is… most of the education you get outside of grade school costs you what?


So in order for a new blogger to start a blog and learn how to do those “blogging things”, they usually end up doing one of the following:

A) Purchase web hosting and scour the Internet for as much free information as they can in order to learn how to blog, use WordPress, and drive traffic to their websites.

B) Purchase web hosting and buy a membership into a blog training program.

Option B is the better choice if you can afford it, but many blog training programs are either:

  • Too expensive (many times $100 or more and may include a monthly membership)
  • Teach only a small part of blogging (like teaching how to use WordPress only)
  • Don’t give enough one-on-one training when needed
  • The person teaching the information knows their stuff but has no clue how to teach it

And if you choose Option A above, then it’ll likely take you well over a year to truly understand all the aspects of being a successful blogger. Let’s face it, with WordPress, social media, marketing tactics, search engine optimization, community building, etc… it can all seem a bit overwhelming.

Plus the sites you learn little bits of information on are not really structured for teaching, just informing.

Here’s a though I’d like you to think about…

What if there was a site which you could:

  • Purchase web hosting for your blog
  • Have a classroom area where aspects of blogging and WordPress are covered in a structured, video format way
  • Teach you the basics of entrepreneurship and marketing online
  • Provide specialized private mentoring to help excel your learning curve
  • Teach you all about search engine optimization (i.e. getting in good with Google Search)

… and what if they did all the training parts for absolutely no charge.

Yep, I said it. A site which has a complete blog training program which doesn’t cost one penny for any of its training.

Now that would be a site worth bookmarking, wouldn’t it? And it sure as heck would be a site worth hosting your blog on.

And here you are.

Blog Training Classroom.

What Blog Training Classroom Has To Offer You

Blog Hosting

First and foremost, you need to get your blog online. So the first thing we provide is blog hosting. This link takes you to our hosting site which is a full service web hosting company.

All of Blog Training Classroom’s training materials are showcased using our hosting environment (in our opinion, more powerful than cPanel) so that the training videos and books are easy to follow.

You can demo our hosting right here.

Exclusive Private Blog Mentoring Program

Okay so we offer web hosting, but how are we different from sites like Bluehost and HostGator? We already matched things like disk space, hosted domains, email addresses, great hosting support, etc.

So we had to ask ourselves, if all the technical aspects of hosting were equal, why would YOU choose to host your website with us over another company? It wasn’t until I posed this question to my partners…

“In what ways might we make each of our hosting customer’s lives online easier and more successful?”

Rephrasing the question that way opened our eyes to a whole new level of what a blog hosting company should provide.

Sites like Bluehost and HostGator are generic web hosting companies and if you want to host your blog with them, then fine. But I highly doubt they will reinvest in your blogging education the way we will.

Therefore, if you host your blog with BTC Hosting, you will receive free membership into our Private Blog Mentoring Area. How much do you think a seasoned blogger would charge to spend some one on one time with you?

Hosting customers will get this free of charge and have a direct line of communication with me.

And in case you don’t know who I am, my name is John Hoff and I’m the blog trainer for BTC (Blog Training Classroom).

WordPress, Blogging, SEO, and Entrepreneurial Training

Our classroom area is currently under construction. When completed it will feature a compilation of training videos to teach you all about WordPress, blogging, and search engine optimization.

They will even feature some videos to help with your online marketing efforts.

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can be notified when the classroom area is released.

Get Hosting Now

If you’re looking to start a blog or if you’d like to gain accesses to our private mentoring forum, then sign up for a hosting account with BTC hosting now. If you currently host your blog elsewhere, send me a note and we’ll discuss moving your site.

Otherwise, you might want to consider signing up for our newsletter where I’ll share some insider secrets to blogging and Internet marketing.