Hey you made it to my disclosure page, sweet!

There’s a few things I’d like to disclose… just so you know what kind of site you’re on and everything going on with Blog Training Classroom.

My V.A. (…she’s my secret weapon!)

This site was installed by both by myself and my V.A. who lives in the Philippines. While she manages the site updates for me (e.g. plugin updates, WordPress updates, backups, software installs like forums, etc.), she does not write the content.

Content Creation for BTC

Most of the content found on Blog Training Classroom (BTC for short) is composed and written by John Hoff. There are times when either a guest blogger has either offered or I requested them to write a guest post on my blog or do a guest video tutorial in the training area. This means they will be providing the information based on their experience and not mine; however, if the content is found on this site then you can be sure I approve of what is explained and taught. Guest bloggers may or may not be compensated for their contribution to this site. It just depends on who they are, where and how I found them, and what they are contributing. Compensation could mean a few things; such as a link back to their site, compensated monetarily, referenced by name or site only with no link, a mention in my newsletter, etc.

Blog Training Classroom Hosting

Blog Training Classroom also advertises web hosting services. The url is btc-hosting.com. Understand that I do not own, live in, live by, or anything like that where the data center is where your website’s server would be located. If you host your website with BTC then understand that a 3rd party (i.e. the data center’s staff) will be managing the servers your website is on, not John Hoff. The technical support is outsourced to a 3rd party company for your hosting as well. Basically I rent out space from the data center and their staff takes care of the physical server stuff. The 3rd party tech support manages all the technical questions customers have, which is provided through a ticketing service in the user’s control panel.

The billing is handled by a reputable U.K. company called LiquidNet Ltd. I have worked with them since 2007 and provide a great service for billing customers. Because they take care of the billing for me, note that I have no information on your credit card number or anything like that. This is very common as many Internet marketers use services like e-junkie.com, 1-cart, ClickBank, PayPal, etc. to handle the billing of their customers. LiquidNet has been a very good company for me and my customers and I give them my full support.

I simply do not have the time and staff of my own to do all this and there’s already highly trained people to do this for me. Outsourcing is a very common practice. Heck, many of the Premium WordPress themes outsource to sites like ZenCart for customer support and they use sites like PayPal and 2CheckOut to handle their billing.

Note that although the hosting and billing support is outsourced, you are still my hosting customer and I do have root access to my customer’s hosting should I be required or offer myself to assist a customer. I will never, however, access someone’s hosting control panel and website unless specifically asked by the customer to do so. Again, I do not have access to your payment or credit card information.

Affiliate Links and I Am an Internet Marketer

I would like to disclose to you some of who I am, how I have been trained, and how I might make money from this website.

I am an Internet Marketer, which means I find ways to make money online. Okay, nothing special there… I mean hey, we all need a job and to make money, right? Just realize that I have spent a lot of time teaching myself how to word things in certain ways or create websites in such a way in which users might be influenced to make a purchase. I promise never to “trick” or “deceive” you in any way as that is both unethical and down right bad business. It just means that I know where to put calls to action on my website or word things in ways that might make someone think, “Yeah, I see how that can benefit me.” The funny thing is, I try to teach you this stuff on my site as well.

As far as making money on this site goes, there’s a few ways and I have to admit it’s impossible for me to tell you what future way I might make money by this site and blogging, but for now while I’m writing this (July 2012) the primary ways I make money is through obtaining hosting customers, selling either my products or someone else’s product through my newsletter and/or banner ads in my blog’s sidebar, mentions in video training pages which might have a link to an affiliate product, and of course the famous blog article reviews of products and services in which I make an affiliate commission.

What is affiliate compensation you ask?

It’s when I might link to someone else’s product or service from my site or newsletter article and if you buy through my link, I make a commission.

Other than that, I don’t think there’s much else you need to know from me as far as a “disclosure” goes. If you want to learn more about me or this site, you can visit:

Thanks and here’s to your blogging success!