How Google Uses Human Raters

by John Hoff on May 8, 2012

For awhile now Google has been using people (as opposed to cyberbots) to evaluate returned results in their search engine for a given query.

guess we humans are still better than computers at something… for now, anyway

Though I’ve known of this for a while, I was never sure exactly how it all worked, and though I’m still not 100% sure, thanks to a new video by Matt Cutts I now have a much better understanding of how Google uses human raters.

The good news is that Google is trying to eliminate crap websites from ranking well in their search engine because of (perhaps) black hat SEO. On the other hand, after watching this video I’m worried that my valuable site could be grouped with those other sites and thus get pushed back in the results.

Not penalized, just pushed back because of an algorithm tweak.

If you’re into SEO, check this video out.

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