Using OptimizePress for Membership Sites

by John Hoff on July 11, 2012

This is page 3 in our review series of the WordPress theme, OptimizePress, and it’s here where we are going to talk about how it’s used in conjunction with setting up membership sites.

Table of Contents for this Series

Page 1: OptimizePress: What is It, What it Does, and Examples
Page 2: OptimizePress Templates and Marketing Funnels
Page 3: Using OptimizePress for Membership Sites
Page 4: About OptimizePress and Getting Help

In addition to that, I’ll also give a few tips on what else you might want to get when setting up your membership site (with OptimizePress) as well as a few marketing pointers.

So let’s get started…

Is OptimizePress Membership Software?

The short answer is no, it’s not membership software all on its own.


It’s a vehicle you can use (or portal or set of templates) to deliver your content and easily create membership style pages (and sites), such as login pages, non member menus, member menus, membership confirmation pages, after log out pages, etc.

From their customer training area, they say this:

OptimizePress provides a template system for your membership site, but does not provide the actual site security or member management systems.

As you might recall, OptimizePress is a theme, not a piece of membership software.

What You Need In Order To Make It Work As a Membership Site

Once you buy the theme, you’ll gain access to their members area where there is a ton of training videos and tutorials on how to set it up and configure it. Straight from their training area, they mention if you plan to use OptimizePress as a membership portal, they recommend using either the WishList Member plugin for WordPress (affiliate link) or the Digital Access Pass plugin.

I’ve made use of the WishList plugin and have some experience with that, but I hear Digital Access Pass is good, too.

These are the plugins which will actually power your membership website. They allow you to do things like:

  • create membership levels
  • secure your membership site
  • manage members
  • set up membership payments
  • drip feed content over time
  • and more

For the most part, that’s all you need to make your site work and function as a membership site:

  • OptimizePress
  • Membership Plugin

So why do you need OptimizePress then? Why not just get a membership plugin?

Simple. It allows you to easily create an entire website built to capture leads, presale the lead, close the sale, deliver the content to a user in a nice interface, and create membership style pages with just a few clicks of a button (like a login page or payment accepted page).

Without the template, the membership plugins leave it up to you to create many of these pages.

Other Add Ons and Software You Might Want To Check Out

WP Drip Plugin (get it here)

There’s a plugin (and feature) I’d like to mention (okay you guessed it, WP Drip) but first I’d like to tell you what kind of feature it is and why you might want it.

It’s called “Drip Feeding”.

This means when a new person signs up for your course, instead of giving them 100% of your material as soon as they sign up, you “drip” them content over time. In other words, you might have 100 videos loaded in your course but you only release 10 videos per week to the new subscriber.

There’s a couple reasons why you might want to do this…

1. If they are brand new to the subject, sometimes too much content at once will overwhelm them and they won’t know exactly where to start. Or maybe they do know where to start but get distracted and jump ahead and watch videos or view content out of the desired sequence you intended.

By drip feeding them content over time, you can be assured you’re only giving them the content you want them to see and review now.

2. It helps to keep users subscribed to your service.

Who wants to spend $50 a month on a membership which adds no more value than the day you bought it? Memberships which provide access to tools and services typically don’t have as much of a problem with this.

But when your membership site is an information only membership site, you gotta keep the training and insights coming, otherwise members will leave.

As far as I know, Digital Access Pass provides a good functionality of drip feeding, but WishList Member (the one I have more experience with) was a little difficult to figure out how to properly drip feed content to your members.

So I suggest checking out a plugin called WP Drip. It makes dripping content to members a breeze.

Easy Video Player

I LOVE this software. Check out my tips on using it here – 11 Smart Tips for Using Easy Video Player.

Basically, it’s in my opinion the best video software out there, especially when you use it in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Although OptimizePress has decent video embedding capabilities, it doesn’t compare to Easy Video Player for delivery. EVP also allows you to make it so people can’t embed or download your videos and upload them to YouTube or something (i.e. steal your work).

Read my review of it for more information.

Example Membership Templates OptimizePress Comes With

Here’s some screen shots of the different default membership-style pages and templates you get when you buy OptimizePress.

That’s about it for using OptimizePress as your portal to your membership website.

Choose To Continue or Visit OptimizePress

  • Continue this tour of OptimizePress or…
  • Pick up a copy of OptimizePress through my affiliate link by clicking the noted button just below the door image

affiliate link

Table of Contents for this Series

Page 1: OptimizePress: What is It, What it Does, and Examples
Page 2: OptimizePress Templates and Marketing Funnels
Page 3: Using OptimizePress for Membership Sites
Page 4: About OptimizePress and Getting Help

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