Privacy Policy

Hey it’s, John… the guy who created Blog Training Classroom.

If you’ve made it here then you’re probably wondering what sort of information we collect on this site, what we do with it, and who has access to it. So let me clarify that for you right now.

Credit Cards and Other Forms of Payment

Blog Training Classroom does not collect any sort of credit card information from you. Nor do we collect any other form of information from you which might in some way collect information in regards to credit cards, banking, your PayPal account, etc.

Any money we collect which eventually gets passed down to us (myself and my employees, if any) is collected via a third party. Common companies I work with are PayPal, ClickBank, E-Junkie, and Liquid Net.

So rest assured, I will not be asking you for your credit card or banking information myself and it will not be stored anywhere on my computer, drives, disks, and such.

What Private Information We Collect from You – Email Addresses

This site attempts to collect your email address in order to enroll you in my newsletter. The newsletter is provided through a 3rd party service. That company is Although I don’t personally store your email address, I do have access to it through Aweber’s website.

I assure you I will never trade, sell, or give away your email address to anyone unless the proper authorities require me to under government law.

I will also not spam you.

Now spamming is a bit open to interpretation, but I assure you that I will do my best to never send you something through email which you might consider to be spam.

Who has access to those emails?

Glad you asked. I do as well as my virtual assistant. She lives in the Philippines and has been working with me since 2011. Note that her work does not require her to do anything with the email addresses in my Aweber account. She accesses that account for newsletter setup and design purposes. She does not email my newsletter subscribers.

I also might collect your email address if you leave a comment on one of my blog articles. Just like above, it is my policy to not do anything with your email address which could be considered spam, in my eyes and opinion.

BTC Hosting and Hosting Payments

Although Blog Training Classroom offers web hosting, I do not capture and process your payment information for our web hosting services, that is provided through Liquid Net, Ltd. They are a reputable company based out of the United Kingdom whom I have worked with since 2008.

Okay that about covers it. If you have any questions, please contact me.