Start My Own Blog: 29 Things Newbies Don’t Consider

by John Hoff on November 28, 2011

If you’ve been on my newsletter for more than 15 days (if you’re not on my newsletter, you’ll be missing out on a bunch of great stuff), then last week you noticed I mentioned how I tried really hard to get an exclusive “Blog Landing Page Optimization” article out to you.

Though I had high hopes of finishing it up last week, something happened which any seasoned blogger will tell you happens quite often.


Yes, outside of blogging we bloggers also have real lives. That week my truck got a huge bolt stuck in the tire which ended up getting me stuck all day dealing with it and getting the tire repaired, Thanksgiving was just around the corner, my wife wanted to spend a little extra time with me, and because of an oversight on my part, I spent the better part of one full day dealing with domain and hosting issues for one of my accounts.

Yup… life.

This week I was reflecting back and thought to myself how when I was first starting out blogging sure seemed quite easy.

I knew a ton about a subject so I thought coming up with new posts wouldn’t be a problem. (Yeah!) I also thought blogging could help me spend more free time with my family (doesn’t always seem that way, does it?).

So I did what any blogger should do and while my mind was running over a topic, I opened a notepad and started a list of a bunch of things we bloggers are faced with which most newbies probably don’t think about before starting their first blog.

29 Things New Bloggers Don’t Consider

I imagine if you’re a seasoned blogger and reading this then you’ll probably just skim through these (but I highly suggest you check out my WordPress security link); however, if you’re a new blogger and reading this…

You might not want to skim through these because it’ll be your future!

  1. How to format their articles
  2. How quickly they will run out of things to say
  3. How tricky it is figuring out how often they should post
  4. WordPress security
  5. Dealing with WordPress upgrades
  6. Dealing with blog crashes
  7. Blogging about what everyone else has already beaten to death
  8. How tricky grammar can be when trying to write with emotion and personality
  9. How difficult it can be to get traffic to your blog
  10. How to get people to stay connected to their blog (RSS, Email, Newsletters)
  11. That they needed to learn what SEO is
  12. How important their article titles were going to be
  13. How much time away from their family blogging would cause
  14. How much time management comes into play
  15. Understand that we have all been trained in life to multitask, and multitasking while blogging can be a huge killer and time suck
  16. That they were going to have to learn a little HTML
  17. How long it would take to write a really good article even though they know a ton about the subject
  18. The fact that they would have to figure out a writing style (a.k.a. voice)
  19. The fact that free blogs are almost never a good idea
  20. How much of a pain it is to move a free blog and all its link juice, followers and subscriptions to a new self hosted blog
  21. Learn what a .htaccess file is
  22. Dealing with comment spam
  23. How much noise is out there and how easy it is to get sucked into it
  24. Learn what a database is
  25. The fact that FTP (File Transfer Protocol) can lead them to getting their blog hacked
  26. It’s really hard to make Facebook and Twitter work in a way that makes you more money
  27. How much thought should go into your blog’s design and layout
  28. The fact that most people won’t read your entire post, but just skim
  29. How important it is to develop a clear direction, focused, or purpose for their blog

Blogging often times is about overcoming things: overcoming writer’s blog, overcoming fear, etc.

The best way to deal with obstacles is to educate yourself on how to deal with them.

So as a blogger, what obstacles have you run into through your blogging career and how have you been able to overcome them?

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